About Us

Smart Order was founded by two friends who got together to materialize their reverie of business. Now a 15 people company, we work towards betterment of Hotel Industry primarily.

Concepts1729 is one of the most exciting start-ups in Pune. We operate primarily in embedded systems and mobile software built for android, IOS etc. We also provide other services such as Website development, Software development in Java, .Net , MS SharePoint.

Concepts1729’s business philosophy is to architect adaptive systems that grow and change with the business of the client. Concepts1729 leverages its core strengths in managing web technologies, building mobile phone applications, people and processes to build industry strength collaborative applications.

At Concepts1729, the emphasis is on innovation, simplicity, scalability, iterative development, usability and performance. Concepts1729 has built technology and knowledge frameworks evolved through experiences of the team. Concepts1729 applies these self-enhancing frameworks to build faster, better and maintainable solutions for its clients.