1. What is SmartOrder?

SmartOrder is a complete restaurant management system which includes ordering, billing, material management system, accounts, feedback and concierge. SmartOrder provides a new and exciting medium to engage your customers by giving them a visually rich and appealing way to browse through the menu and order. SmartOrder is first PC-less system and comprises only of tablets and printers!

SmartOrder is the fastest way to order food - As soon as the order is placed through the tablet, it is registered automatically in the cash counter and sent wirelessly all the way to the kitchen where a Kitchen-Order-Ticket(KOT) is generated. The automatic addition of the order at the cash counter and the kitchen takes off the monotonous and heavy burden of the staff, making them more relaxed, happy and so that they may serve the customers better.

2. Do I need internet?

SmartOrder Needs Wifi to make all devices talk to each other. You DO NOT need internet connection for this. A simple router does the trick.

3. Can I buy tablets of my choice?

We are open to any android tablets. The only catch is that the tablet needs to have a battery life of mimimum 5 hours (so that It can last 1 full session), and needs a good wifi receptor (so that it does not disconnect itself from the network.)

4. How can SmartOrder digital menu's be a marketing tool?

SmartOrder is an excellent marketing tool! SmartOrder entices your customers to login to various Social-Networking sites. Once logged in, SmartOrder posts messages about your restaurant on behalf of your patrons. This results in excellent meta marketing!!

5. How does SmartOrder save money and time?

With all the KOTs getting intelligently routed to different sections, the waiters no longer have to hurry all over the place. They can suddenly cover more tables, talk to more guests! This automatic order entry saves a lot of effort from the captains and hence save time! The tables reorder faster and suddenly you can fit in more covers per table!

6. How easy is it to set up SmartOrder?

SmartOrder is the only complete IT solution for a restaurant! Bring in the tablets, Place the printers wherever needed, switch on the tablets, and you are ready to Go!!

7. what protection does SmartOrder offer against theft?

With its state-of-the-art material management system, SmartOrder helps you to keep track of even the smallest quantities of any materials. Adding bar code scanners make your staff’s work easier mitigating all of the cumbersome item entry work!

8. Does SmartOrder have inventory?

Indeed! SmartOrder supports tablets having a different interface which can be used by your materials management department. They can feed in the stock information which is shared all across the system.

9. What kind of reports does SmartOrder have?

SmartOrder has all the industry standard reports you need to manage your restaurant. SmartOrder can provide reports in .pdf, .xls, .csv, .docx, .rtf,. odt,.ods,.xlsx, as flash and also in graphical format

10. Can I have multiple Pos at multiple restaurants connected?

Absolutely! SmartOrder has an excellent web based backend too. All the ordering/ Materials Information can be sent to the central server. You can login to the server any time and see the real time activity LIVE!

11. Can I see the billing live?

The web interface will allow you to see the billing live sitting from any place in the world.