SPOC-(Single point of contact)

SmartOrder brings an enhanced and futuristic platform for hotels and restaurants by providing state of the art technology, easily managed operations and world-class ambiance. Smart order is a complete restaurant management system which includes ordering, billing, material management system, accounts, feedback and concierge.

POS (Point Of Sale):

Our next generation SmartOrder POS system gives all the features of POS billing amalgamated with advanced graphical reports, analytical reports and email facilities.

Dynamic Menu

The menu controls of editing menu pictures, price, description, codes etc. Also has a feature to add completely new dish and featuring offers of the day.

Data Security

Password protected and encrypted data storage ensures that your data remains safe even in case of theft. Strict user-authorization specific data ensures that nobody can access data not meant for them.

Multi �User access and Network Security

Multiple users can access the system at the same time. This is possible due to the unique client-server architecture of the system. The system ensures that all transactions proceed smoothly even in case of heavy loads.

Network Security

The system uses advanced encryption techniques to encrypt data sent over the network. This helps to hide all of your data from the network and makes the system safe.


The reports are graphical, analytical and with email facilities. The list of reports is in appendix I

Tablet based KOT ordering system

Captains can use any Android based Tablet as KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) Pad and can place orders from tables.

Intelligent Data Routing

The orders get registered at the cash counter and KOTs/BOTs are printed simultaneously to different printers.

Tablet based KOT ordering system

Captains can use any Android based Tablet as KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) Pad and can place orders from tables.

Dish Modifiers

The system also enables the captain to modify dish preparation options, check current orders, and check total bill and many other options.

Multiple Payment Options

The bill settlement can be done via cash, cards, company accounts, cheque, coupons and membership cards. There are options to give discount in form of cash, percentage and split options.

Table Rendering

There are options provided to update covers, shift/ merge and clear table with KOT and/or Bot printing at multiple locations.

Section wise Rendering

Tables can be divided into different sections as per the restaurant�s setup and all the printers can be configured appropriately. Menu card prices can also be setup depending on the section the customer is dining in.

Tax settings

Various Taxes can selected, varied and intelligently selected upon categories i.e. food, alcoholic beverage and non- alcoholic beverage.

Dynamic Data Access

The system allows you to login from a remote location and check the current status of the restaurant. This helps you to keep a tab on the current status on the fly !

Emails and SMS

Auto email sent on day closing to all email Id�s feed into the system, with bulk email and SMS facility available for marketing splash. And customer relations i.e. birthdays, anniversaries etc.

User role management

All the employees have different login Ids to access the system. We can define multiple roles for the users. This role based login ensures that the users see only functions permitted to them in the system.

Dynamic printer IP allocation

All major brand of printer are compatible with and data communication interface USB, Ethernet, On board Wi-Fi etc.

Material management (MMS)

SmartOrder includes an advanced Material management System. Our aim of material management is to get the right quality, right quantity of supplies, at the right time, at the right place and for the right cost with advanced graphical reports, analytical reports and email facilities.

Measurement allocation

True MMS starts with adding measurement into the system. The system is flexible enough to take up any measuring system from personally to globally.

Supplier management

Suppler management is of utmost importance today, to analyze and understand the whole business chain of a restaurant from the start.

Cost per plate and recipe feeding

A control panel for Food and Beverage department, to control pilferages and wastage. Also, to analyze which die hos the most average profitable and brings in most return of investment (ROI).

Material Threshold setup

This feature helps store keeper to better manage stores by auto reminder on reaching the threshold of any feed item.

Dish item mapping

This helps the restaurant to maintain dish recipes which help them in calculating the exact costs of dishes and manage their inventories better.

Supplier item mapping

This helps restaurants to get an accurate picture of item pricing and delivery. Supplies based report show you the exact schedules of the arrival of the dishes.

Feedback System

SmartOrder values your customer�s feedback above anything else. SmartOrder enables you to collect customer feedback and clubs it with the order, thereby recreating the entire customer experience. This enables the management to take required actions effectively.

The system comprises of tablets to take feedbacks, a master tablet / a server to store the data.

Social network connect

SmartOrder helps the restaurant to build up a sizable social network presence. This is achieved by providing the customer a functionality to login to their facebook / twitter accounts and spread the word.


  • � Host desk to check table occupancy.
  • � Customer Database entry
  • � Membership card � recharge point
  • � Waiting management
  • � Table reservations
  • � Parcels
  • � Takeaways

Concierge system helps you to add all your waiting guests in a list. Guests can also receive a SMS which will tell them of tables getting vacant. Concierge system when clubbed with SmartOrder will also enable the guests to know of the estimated time left before they can secure a table.